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I'm also considering to buy PB 912 or M92, but i'm still not definetely decided yet.
PB is 80 cheaper and my question is, is M92 worth the extra money? I know, it has better screen, faster processor and looks nicer :-)
I have seen some youtube comparison videos and both allow you to take notes. But M92 allows you to export them and save in new PDF. That's very handy in case.
On the other hand, I'm from Slovakia and PB seems to have more "local" support, dictioneries, TTS and so on (
And what about web-browsing? I understand that's not what e-book readers are meant to be used for, but when it comes to it, which one is better?
Both seems to have Open Source addins but I didn't check what is available.
Thanks for your replies.
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