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Most efficient ereader format & how to remove images

seems to be

tcr. In real life, this is because I used calibre, which cannot remove images and probably doesn't do tcr well. If I wanted to, I could have

1. converted all books to zip
2. run this from dos:

cd \library
for /r %x in (*.zip) do "C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe" d -r "%x" *.jpg *.png *.jpeg *.gif

3. converted all books from zip to whatever before doing the tests. In that case, epub is about tied with first, but pdf really sucks.

Before you ask, why did I look at gzed books? Because since stacker you could compress files using software.

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P.S. My reason for posting is in case there's a less insane way of removing images that someone seeing this knows about easier than the above method. If so, please inform me; I'm rather ignorant about ebooks.

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