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Originally Posted by giorgio130 View Post
Let us know how it went with the serial access! I think you will need an adapter to use 1.8v signals (or maybe 3.3v), you surely can't directly connect those pads to the serial port of a pc or you'll fry the board.
That was easier than I expected, I used a usb-to-ttl serial port adapter and hooked the rx, tx and gnd of the kobo's serial port up to the tx, rx and ground on the adapter. The adapter itself has an FTDI chip in it that shows up on my pc as a virtual com port (COM4). Then used putty to initiate a serial connection on COM4 at 115200 baud, and hay presto, a fully functional terminal console.

Now, I like this because I don't have to worry about the USB host/non-host, bus powering situation. I can have an arduino or somesuch watching the kobo's serial port, looking for signals to dim lights or do other stuff. Not sure about the audio - that might call for something with more peripherals, and if I'm using that then the serial hack might be a bit unnecessary because the kobo will be back to just being a pretty display.
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