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Kobo Glo losing margin settings

I've read (I think) all the threads on the issues with KT and KG margins on side-loaded epubs, but unless my limited knowledge of English (second language) fails me, it seems this issue hasn't been mentioned before.

My Glo "loses" it's margin settings on wake-up after sleep. I use Calibre to convert the books (remove spacing and margins) before transferring to the Glo.

When I open the book it has no margins. I then set the margins using the slider, and it works fine till it goes to sleep (as I tend to do after a while), When I wake up and wake up the Glo the page I last read displays correctly, until I page back to get the drift of the story. It goes back to 0 margins. When I open settings to adjust the margins I move the slide to a bigger margin and then back to where it was and the margin is back to where I was...

Will the .kepub.epub conversion fix this? Or what else can be done?
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