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Originally Posted by Arobase40 View Post
I guess there is a misunderstanding on Slate's posts... ^^

The application "Root Checker Basic" is not supposed to root any Android devices BUT just to say if it's "rootable"... You have to understand the subtlety...

The whole explanations from Slate doesn't mention how to root the Kobo Arc nor how to use any exploit to get root.

Installing the SDK with adb and trying to push the su binary won't help you to get root either !!!

I was also about to buy a Kobo Arc when I saw this topic, but without getting root, it's "for me" just useless.

Then the second problem with this device is that we don't know if there is a locked bootloader or not (just with Toshiba Excite AT270/AT300 device or with Archos one), so you could flash an alternative ROM.

So unless you want to use it "as is", just forget about it as it seems there is really no support at all from Kobo and no dev teams willing to work on it.

You can also try to write to Kobo to have some explanations...

Good luck !
By "struggling with this for weeks" I mean exactly that. In those weeks I've tried every apk with built in exploits I could find, most are dated and none have worked.

When I try to push, obviously without root privs, it won't let me. Of course chroot isn't available either... what I really want at this moment is to get Debian running.
When trying to boot adb in a root shell, I get the error "adbd cannot run as root on production builds."
There is a recovery script in /dev/ somewhere, I can't make heads or tails of it right now though, and again, the image it points to is probably in the ro filesystem so that's probably a dead end, though I know absolutely nothing about modifying recoveries or flashing ROMs (if they're even related).

What interests me about slate's post is that it says "it can be rooted..." I'd like to know how, at least, so I can attempt the process myself.

I have actually contacted Kobo Tech Help, but it turns out they really only offer help on the reader aspect... perhaps limited to Tapestries. I don't even think the agent understood the word "kernel." I was inquiring as to whether or not USB-OTG would be supported, if I found a means to mod the stream, i.e. a micro-to-A host adapter, would the standard ICS USB support be available... they replied by telling me there is no host port, only a micro. That's when I replied more specifically and then I was told they can only offer help on the reading side of things, the relay was then ended.
I asked what is meant by the "open access" to android advertised on the Arc Tech Specs page, but I got no response :/

Something tells me the devs are not associated with the tech help, at all.

I will not give up until I've unlocked the power of the Arc, haha.

[EDIT] I just saw, now, that slate has edited his post and there is no longer anything but dashes there, now. My heart has sunken and I shake my head at slate. Still.. I will not give up.

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