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Strange battery behavior.


The battery performance on my Kobo Touch is very strange. I just have it over two weeks, and except for the time its connected to the Calibre on my computer, I have charged battery directly on wall socket at least four times.

Last Sunday evening, when I couldn't use the reader because the battery completely drained, and after being 4-5 hours charging, the battery got 100%. That night I used the Touch during an hour and a half or so. Before going to bed, I put it to sleep mode and I didn't used it again until the next day. The Touch had been about 15-16 hours in sleep mode , and when I turned it on, the battery was at 56%. I saw that before going to bed battery marked 100%.

This is the second time this happens to me. In previous charges, battery last a week or so. Using it daily two hours maximum. In the last two charges, it drains very fast until 60%-55% and after that, it seems that it drains as it should.

My settings. No wi-fi on, always off. Activate sleep mode after 10 minutes, and never turn off. My firmware version it's 2.3.2.

Kobo customer service, told me that this is and unacceptable duration of battery. They suggest to drain the battery completely and then charge it for at least 5 hours plugged to wall socket. I think I will leave one complete day. If no improvements in the next charge(s), the reader should be returned to be repaired or replaced.

I would avoid this, because as I mentioned in another post, I have several notes and marks in books, I don't know how to save them, and don't want to lose them.

Any help will be appreciated

Thanks in advance.
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