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Originally Posted by universum View Post
I've been struggling with this for weeks, please do elaborate on the details. I can't get the adbd to run with root permissions so I can't push the su binary. I'm running Mac OS X and I had some trouble getting adb to recognize but I went to ~/.android/ and created adb_usb.ini with the Arc's Vendor ID as the content and since then it always seems to recognize it. I still can't get the files over though.

I've tried a few apk's that use certain exploits but I've had no luck.
Did you flash a custom ROM? If so, where did you get it?

I'd greatly appreciate a point in the right direction.
I guess there is a misunderstanding on Slate's posts... ^^

The application "Root Checker Basic" is not supposed to root any Android devices BUT just to say if it's "rootable"... You have to understand the subtlety...

The whole explanations from Slate doesn't mention how to root the Kobo Arc nor how to use any exploit to get root.

Installing the SDK with adb and trying to push the su binary won't help you to get root either !!!

I was also about to buy a Kobo Arc when I saw this topic, but without getting root, it's "for me" just useless.

Then the second problem with this device is that we don't know if there is a locked bootloader or not (just with Toshiba Excite AT270/AT300 device or with Archos one), so you could flash an alternative ROM.

So unless you want to use it "as is", just forget about it as it seems there is really no support at all from Kobo and no dev teams willing to work on it.

You can also try to write to Kobo to have some explanations...

Good luck !
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