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Originally Posted by mcquackers View Post
3. (The next steps are followed from Yifanlu's debricking method) For Windows, I downloaded Hyperterminal. I downloaded Yifanlu's custom kernel. Plug in the USB TTL. Then I followed his instructions, pressing the enter key to get to uboot and then flashed his kernel. Make sure you follow all the instructions. One step not mentioned was to erase and repartition all the drives. I don't remember which letter that was (I think it was 'I'), but that was key for me. Then make sure you get the machine into recovery mode.

7. Now, I plugged in the KINDLE to the KINDLE USB cable (Not the TTL cable) to the linux machine. Again from Yifanlu, I followed his instructions for "Restoring Your Kindle." Some people reported that this part of the process takes a long time. It took me less than 10 minutes. No idea why.
Classy work!
Can't You give a link to "Yifanlu's debricking method"?
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