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Device: kobo mini
Odd components on mini PCB and serial link

Hello everyone, I got a kobo mini a couple of weeks ago with the intention of using it as the display for an alarm clock. It'll be connected to other stuff eventually, and run a small program that does display, handles input and triggers other bits of kit (lamp, buzzer, radio etc).

I've used the great hacking guides here on the forum to telnet in - thank you all very much for posting those. I've also opened it up to solder in a header to the serial pins. Does anybody have any experience of reading / writing info from those pins? Does the serial port show up by default in the OS, or will I have to do some tinkering to get it visible?

The other this was that looking at the PCB, the outside edge is lined with what appear to be LEDs. The top and right edge have clear packages and are labelled D<number>, and the bottom and left edge are dark, like IR receivers of some sort, and labelled Q<number>.

They are definitely optical components but I can't see what they do. The case has a series of scalloped lenses inside it, that match up to the components. I can't see anything similar in any teardown pics of other e-ink devices, so I'm guessing it's something to do with the touch sensors? Puzzled. Any ideas? I'm just curious really.

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