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Device: Tagux Lux - Onyx firefly clone
Bricked device

Dear all

I had a Tagus Lux device (Onyx Firefly clone, selled by a local Book Store called "Casa del Libro" in Spain). It comes with a nice interface, but based old 1.7 onyx firmware, with tons of bugs
A few days ago, some prepared a file based on the current Onyx Firefly firmware, on a spanish forum

It was tested by some brave users, and they realize it is fully functional, improving or solving bugs. But the guy who prepared the file, showing their best intentions to provide a clean system, linked your recover firmware

proposing to install it before the update.

The result... I tryed it, and my device freezes before finish load, showing status bar full, but freezing and blue light remains on. When I try to update the firm using the file (tested by other guys, and working ok -thy upload pictures of their devices), the device shows the message "Software update requested...." but after few seconds "No update found, booting device". It remains freezed here, too, with blue light on. Never reboots.
My device is unusable now, as it doesn't boot neither let you update with any firmware... I have also tried to access it trough USB...but any Windows/Linux system detects it.

Could anyone provide any advice...? I'hve even dissasemble it, and found the emmc chip where the data partitions are stored (kingston KE4CN2H5A), but no way to acces it...

Thanks you in advance!
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