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i would say that there is at least a one year warranty independent from reseller like arta, booxstore. that comes from onyx itself. on a case of damage yourself must ask support to find the place of repair and have the cost of shipping paid. that is how i found it in another warranty, but the real conditions should be found in the warranty book that comes with the tool itself. that should at least be the minimal and worst warranty condition but legal to everyone.

maybe the shipping costs are paid by onyx but must not be the case.

that should be by law the minimal, as i see.

@mono, i meant worldwide warranty with the same meaning

but I think the theme is not so easy. when onyx is chinese producer and seller, then chinese law is legal. or there is worldwide minimal warranty or the warranty where they are selling jumps in.

like booxstore maybe cannot be made responsible or bear the cost of repairing. he himself must deal with the producer, and make him pay for the repair. for he is not responsible for a bad production. so either onyx itself is made responsible or it is free will of reseller to give more warranty and he himself must bear all cost.

reseller means normal seller, not producer. don't know if the term is right.

so all extension of warranty must somehow be connected with the producer too.

..ah, if they have repair center themself, then they maybe can offer extent warranty, but then on the own risk. so i would say if the country gives a two year warranty, then it should be connected with onyx and should be worldwide. and it should be in the country of buying.

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