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G:\My Documents\Calibre Bibliotheek>"C:\Program Files (x86)\Calibre2\calibredb" catalog "G:\My Docum
ents\Calibre Bibliotheek\Korte verhalen en gedichten.epub" -s tags:"=Korte verhalen en gedichten"
*** No Section switches specified, enabling all Sections ***
Sections: Authors, Titles, Series, Genres, Recently Added, Descriptions
genre_tags_dict: {u'Detectives': u'detectives', u'Literatuur klassiek': u'literatuurklassiek', u'Sci
ence Fiction': u'sciencefiction', u'Literatuur en romans': u'literatuurenromans', u'Korte verhalen e
n gedichten': u'korteverhalenengedichten', u'Reisverhalen': u'reisverhalen', u'Non-fictie': u'nonHYP
HEN-MINUSfictie', u'Spionage': u'spionage', u'Dictionaries': u'dictionaries', u'Fantasy': u'fantasy'
, u'Jeugdboeken': u'jeugdboeken', u'Thrillers': u'thrillers', u'Reizen': u'reizen', u'Detectives en
thrillers': u'detectivesenthrillers'}
existing thumb cache at C:\Users\Willum Kerker\AppData\Local\calibre-cache\catalog\, cac
hed_thumb_width: 1.00"
1% Sorting titles
*** No books to catalog.
Check 'Excluded books' rules in E-book options.
*** Terminated catalog generation: No books to catalog.
Check 'Excluded books' rules in E-book options.

No luck :-(
PS: It works with Dictionaries

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