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Originally Posted by kevinp View Post
You're brave taking apart a two-month-old Nook. I would've taken it to a B&N store somewhere and let them mess with it. If it was out of warranty, that would be a different story...
Kevin: a) Great avatar-kitty. (s)he is a beauty...

b) your suggestion of getting BN to determine the problem is noted, but
I was visiting friends when I bought the NookST.
that is 500mi away... (I live some 150mi to the nearest BN).

c) although a BN-store "support" person would be 'responsible' to fix
the problem... I do not automatically grant them some better ability.

I spend more money at Craftsman/Harbor Freight than I do for or BN or AZM or HalfPriceBooks (
I tell folks that I am building bookshelves to store my books on
how to use a variety of power-tools that I need to learn how to
build the shelves for the books and the tools/bits/blades...

back in the days of Dial-Up modems and DOS, there was a popular
"modem program" called CrossTalk that let your PC be a terminal into
the BBS or host-PC. CrossTalk was the $$-licensed-program and a Freeware clone
was called Mirror-II, the splash-screen contained a random phrase, one
of which was: "Beware of the Programmer that carries a Screwdriver"

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