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Having using Pbimageviewer quite intensively, I had a couple ideas that could maybe improve the software.

At the moment, PBiv is saving the last image seen in a file. And this is good.

However, when you finish reading a file (typically a chapter in a manga in my case), it also saves the position on the last image. Meaning that if I want to read it again, I will be on the last page. Could it be possible to loop back to the first image (maybe automatically via some config option) when you have reach the last image and close the file?

Also, something that is missing is the auto loading of the next file in the folder when you reach the end of the previous file. I don't know if this is possible, but it would definitely be a great help for me.

Of course, combining both propositions would definitely be great. But maybe, this corresponds only to my use of the software. I would definitely like to hear more from other people about those suggestions.

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