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Well, I got the ereader today. It is pretty late so I haven't had much of a chance to get into it but my first impressions are that the i62 HD does not have to worry about this competition.

The pro is that this device seems to be fairly quick (the extra RAM is definitely noticeable) and it is running android. However, android is kind of useless because so far I have been completely unable to install any third party apps. Moreover, the pre-installed ereader software on this device is completely lacking. No annotations, no landscape view, etc. etc. Also, much of it is in Chinese, ha ha!

I found the browser works nicely. Much better than the Onyx one. It seems to be Chrome, or something that looks similar.

But by far the greatest problem is that the screen has a strong glare, probably because of the touch screen. Let's be honest, the whole point of an ebook reader is to read. 600x800 resolution I can live with but the glare is not acceptable. I can see my reflection in the screen....

Frankly, I purchased this more because I was curious about what Android could offer, but if I had been hoping for a primary ereader I would be really disappointed. The lack of third-party apps and poor screen quality are particularly damning.

Nevertheless, I look forward to the day when Onyx starts putting more RAM into their ereaders.
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