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Originally Posted by Elfwreck View Post
I believe this person doesn't have a PC; he has a solar charger that will recharge a USB-charging device. His friend will bring him new books occasionally on a memory card; the ebook reader won't have access to the internet at all.

So he needs something that's relatively easy to use, is reliable (doesn't glitch out enough to need to call tech support), and allows leisure reading with very little battery use, because many solar chargers are fairly low-powered.

And in this case, he wants a fairly specific type of ebook, which Smashwords doesn't have much of, and mostly not for free. Religious and philosophy nonfiction are harder to find. Fortunately, there's a lot of them in the public domain; he just needs someone to help him figure out the best place to get them from, and what formats are available.

Yes, that exactly sums up the situation, thank you Elfwreck.

I am currently waiting for him to answer and tell me whether his solar panel outputs at least 1000 mA, which seems to be required for the Pocketbook 912 (but, as mentioned, communicating back and forth with him takes time).
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