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X, I just noticed that you replied to a recent post yet my October 2012 post has not caught your attention. I'm therefore resubmitting the integral content in hopes that you can assist me with this matter of mine.*Many thanks Jacques.

Repost of eralier info:
First thanks for the tool which, if I'm able to get to work correctly, is exactly what I was looking for. Here are my issues though. First know that I use windows 7 32bit with Office 2007 and your 2007 macro. I've got an English OS and an English version of MSOffice but type in French most of the time so the test file I'm sending is in French (I have French as my keyboard and language selection could this have an effect)

Anyways, as I create the file, I originally used the Title Author, chapters, sub-chapters from your template etc... to mark my book. Creating a TOC even worked as advertised. My issue appears when I try creating an EPUB version. I've used two methods (i.e. make an epub from within the template by using the "create an Ebook" button and also going through SIGIL by going save as filtered html and then opening with Sigil). In both cases, whether I use Sigil or flightcrew to validate the epub file, I get messages such as the ones below. Am I doing something wrong? I read somewhere that epub didn't recognize 'name' but used 'id' instead. Is that the case here and if so what can I do to use the template whithout having to manually change 'name' to 'id' or can I? And if that's the case what would I change 'vlink' and 'link' to?

Furtehrmore, even though the TOC was created fine in the Word doc using your macro, SIGIL doesn't recognize the headers as being chapters, sub chapters etc... The only way I got to get SIGIL to recognize my items for what they were (TOC items) was when I use the header 1-2-3-4 etc... format instead of the macro preformatted chapter headers . So is this what I need to do, not make use of your macro preformats?
In essence, my question should be, what is the best way to use your template and all its features and still pass the epub validation tests?

Many thanks for all your hard work and for the tme you'll spend answering this question.


Line 455 - attribute 'link' is not declared for element 'body'
Line 455 - attribute 'vlink' is not declared for element 'body'
Line 465 - attribute 'name' is not declared for element 'a'

PS I can provide you the small htm and/or word file if need be.
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