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An E-reader with a built-in Japanese Dictionary

Hi there, I've been looking forward to buy an e-reader with an Japanese to Japanese Dictionary built-in which it seems to be available for sale only in Japan. I tried to purchase one of them and have it shipped to my country Peru, but then I realized that the compatibility issue of my new made-in Japan device will cause me a lot of problems as: being unable to buy e-books without a Japanese credit card or registering the e-reader to my PC because of the geographical location. I even contacted Sony(I've already purchase a Sony PRS T2 through ebay, it turned out it displays only roman alphabet), Kobo, and Amazon Kindle(I thought the Japanese Kindle PW recently developed would be perfect for me) at their Japanese homepage for any suggestion but I´was told by all of them that they're REALLY REALLY sorry but "we cannot help you".
"We Do not ship to your country". (Ok I can use a shipping service.)
"You need a Japanese account + Japanese credit card"
"Our e-book store is made only to use within Japan"
"Don't worry, now we know there are people like you(out there) and this feedback will help us improve our service"
-"We Do not ship our kindle PW to your country"
-"Our page does not have any relation with the main Amazon website"(how could that be?)
-"We're not allowed to provide customers outside Japan any service"
-"We Do not ship the kindle PW to your country"
-"Why don't you try the simple kindle touch which is available to your country, unfortunately the Kindle PW is the only one equipped to display Japanese scripts"
-"We will let you know when it is available. No we can't tell you when"

-"We do not ship to your country"
-"You need a Japanese account + Japanese credit card in order to use the reader"
"Even if you manage to bring it to your country I'm afraid we cannot assure you of a regular compatibility"

any suggestion will be appreciated.
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