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Touch died. Waiting to be reincarnated.

My touch died three weeks ago. No amount of button holding/power sliding or pin hole pushing seemed to help. Yesterday, I even cracked it open to see if I could swap out the card, only to discover I had one of the early models without a MicroSD card inside. Only I could wait until July 2012 to buy one of these things and STILL get the first one off the line

I decided to call tech support today to see about getting a replacement. A very nice fellow in India answered and asked me to explain the problem. I told him about the problem and my attempts at fixing it, going so far as to use the pin hole and delete all my books to try to salvage the device. He told me he understood and would help me solve the problem by doing a factory reset. He cautioned me that doing so would delete all of my books....

I was not able to solve the problem over the phone, so I was given an incident number and asked if I would accept another color of touch from the company if they didn't have black in stock. I said I preferred black. I was told the problem would now go to Kobo's fabled TIER 2 and I should expect more information via email before the week was over. I received the first email within 45 minutes (while writing this). It just contained the basic information I had discussed on the phone.

Anyone know what else I should expect?
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