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Originally Posted by Mono View Post
Hard to guess. The firmware is no question much better now after a year of development (I have M92 slightly more than a year). There is and always was many complaints/wishes/suggestions, so do not panic. There is not anything wrong with current firmware. (Or better said, it is not by any means worse than what you already have. The only missing thing is numeric battery meter, which was not very precise anyway...)

If you are not in hurry, possibly wait a while until new release comes, so that you will not have to install firmware and 2 patches for pdf reader. I expect next release will put everything in one box. Would be less work for you...

On the other side, if you are happy with what you already have, then no need for update.

If you do not like current firmware, you may downgrade to what you have. Just take note what firmware you have (number and release date).
Thank you.
Downgrading would be difficult, as I still have the original firmware the M92 came out with...

But the idea of waiting until a "service pack" comes out might be good.
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