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Kindle Keyboard 3G Sorting/Oranizations of Books

Originally Posted by joeindallas View Post
I have a new-to-me Kindle Keyboard 3g and thought I'd give collections a try. When I create a collection based on author (I tried all authors, but when I had trouble I went to one author with 12 books) and restart - the collection is there and the books are in it, but they are also in the "root" of the Kindle which kind of defeats the purpose. If I delete the one in the root, the copy (actuall not a copy, but more like a pointer or shortcut?) in the collection is deleted too. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
I have a Kindle Keyboard 3G as well, and I use Kindle Collections all the time to organize my books on it. I believe the 'issue' you are encountering is how Kindle handles collections, which is very badly. I have spent a lot of time with Kindle Collections plug-in to help overcome the Kindle's poor organization abilities.

You can control how your Kindle presents your books by changing how you view the listing. Up arrow until you hi-lite the top line above your first book. Then right arrow over and select Collections. This will organize your books by collection, so you can select a collection to see the books within it. Note: Any book not within a collection will appear in the list as well.

If you organize/view your books with any of the other options, it will intermix the individual books and collections together.

Note: once you open a book in a collection, it will sort to the top, because within the Collection books will always sort by Most Recently Opened. You cannot change this. This order is also how the Collections will be sorted on your main list as well.

Hope this helps.

Also, another great plug-in to use with Kindle Collections is kiwidude's Reading List plug-in. It is a great way queue up books to sync to your Kindle, and kiwidude was gracious enough to add a hook to call Kindle Collections if you have both installed, so you can sync your books and build the Collections at the same time.
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