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Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
Another advantage of the cloud software transfer method not mentioned so far is that you do not need to have your main computer and your handheld device running at the same time. To perform an iTunes sync, you must be running both devices simultaneously, which can be inconvenient. In contrast, you can just, literally, "drop" your books into Dropbox, resting assured you will find them on your iPad (and all other devices!) whenever you switch it on at a later time.
Itís not just a case of literally dropping your books into dropbox though. First you drop your books into dropbox, then it has to index and sync them to dropbox, and then you have to download them one at a time from dropbox.

I actually have 1.5gb of ebooks and case files in Marvin right now, and if I were to delete them all, and copy them to my dropbox folder, first off it would take well over an hour to upload them and then who knows how long tapping them all one by one to download them all onto my iPad again.

That might work alright for you but for me, it is a lot quicker to just copy them directly onto my iPad.

Also Iíve noticed with Dropbox it has a fairly major problem dealing with large pdf files from the iOS app so once again, its easier to just copy them directly onto my iPad rather than copy them to dropbox and then copy them onto my iPad.
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