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Unhappy Mirrored/flipped PDF

Hi all,

Firstly, I wasn't entirely sure whether to put this here or in the forum about conversion, so do move if it's wrong.

I'm just starting out with Calibre. I've been trying to put some documents in my library which are PDF's. They probably have some degree of DRM, but they are licensed and allowed for printing, use on any device etc, by me (I'm a student, and this is what the copyright notice from my university says). The first page is a copyright notice, and then the remaining pages are photocopied pages of books/journals, that have been inputted under license by the uni library. When they go into Calibre, all but the first page (i.e. all the photocopied pages, which it considers to be images) are flipped/mirrored. They're all 90 rotated anyway, which is why they end up mirrored - I think it's a vertical flip that Calibre is doing.

I did/do have some plug-ins to wipe DRM, but I've disabled all of them as I thought that may be the issue. However, it persists. The same documents in Adobe Digital Editions come out fine - it's moving into Calibre that's the issue.

I would like to edit the metadata (as the titles are ridiculous currently, and totally impossible to search/catalogue) and preferably use the button on the metadata edit page to remove the first page, and let Calibre create a title page. However, none of this is as important as being able to read it!!!

I've done some searching, but couldn't find anything about this, just stuff about the same problem when converting from PDF. I don't mind keeping the documents as PDF's (well, at least, I know there isn't another way).

Why is Calibre doing this to my un-converted docs? How can I stop it? Thanks!
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