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Originally Posted by heron61 View Post
I'm considering buying an ipod Touch and one of its major uses would be reading ebooks. I use a Windows XP PC, and I'm wondering how easy it is to move ebooks from an XP PC to an ipod Touch. Also, what ebook reading and data transfer apps would people recommend for reading plucker, rtf, html & pdf files from an XP PC to an ipod Touch.
I am also considering the touch. Stanza seems to do most of what you want, though not the plucker files. If any of your files need specific graphics or formatting, though, Stanza seems pretty aggressive about removing formatting and does not support graphics. Also, the Windows beta is relatively new, and I am told that it is less polished.

Bookshelf sounds like it may do all including plucker, except the PDF files. At one point in the faq, RTF is listed as a to-do, but a note on the latest ShelfServer (the file transfer utility) update lists RTF support, so it is not very clear. Any users who can comment?

As for the transfer process, most people seem to find ShelfServer very easy to use and setup. Stanza is also supposed to be very easy on the Mac, and off to a good start on Windows, but still in need of tweaking.

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