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Cybook Odyssey HD or Kobo Glo

Last week the Cybook Gen 3 I had for the past years stopped working, so I have to change it. I usually copy books through calibre from the pc, so I do not really need any kind of wifi, internet etc. I just want to load books and read. Even the touch screen is something irrelevant to me. I just want nice no glare screen (I was very very happy with the gen 3).
The front light feature is something that I would want so as to stop carrying around a book light any more, especially on trips. That is why I am looking into these two models.
So which of the two do you propose? Is it possible for both to completely turn off the led light when not needed to save battery?
Also has anyone used the pdf reflow? I never actually read scientific articles on the gen3 because too much preparation was needed on the pc. If the pdf reflow feature actually works ok with articles from eg. sciencedirect that would be another pro for me.
Thanx in advance!
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