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How to register button press on Glo?

Hi Guys,

I just looked around the forum and I didn't find very much regarding that matter. If there is a thread about it, just point me in the right direction and I'll stand corrected

Anyways... How can I register button presses using QT 4.8 on my Glo? I don't mean the touchscreen, I mean the light and on/off-buttons. So far my application has a main window/widget derived from the QLabel-class. QLabel::keyPressEvent(...) however is not triggered when I press the light or the on/off-button. So my guess is that either I need something like a global hook or more likely I just don't have the right "keyboard"-driver loaded. Adding

export QWS_KEYBOARD=imx508kbd:/dev/input/event0
to the sh-script starting my application did not work, though.

Any suggestions?
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