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Flashing green light, got it back but...

Hi, Hoping for some help

I had the flashing green light and with some searching on internet managed to get it live again - currently unit is working.

1. What does flashing green light mean? I thought it meant soft bricked so I was working on that basis and by removing battery (to ensure total off) and holding power btn and vol up - it turned back on. So far everything is good and working. Not sure what exactly I did but it worked - anyone?

2. Can I install a CFW to it? or is there a recovery mode or recovery programme I can access (I have a SD card etc)

3. Can I dump the Image file (possibly a nand image??) of my unit for later?

4. Do these have a service mode or something, or custom IPL's in order to load a new FW or replacement FW?

Apologies, if this is rambling a bit, I have little to no knowledge of these units and this one was given to me, but my youngest son had it 20 mins and we got flashing green light.

I do have experience with PSP and FW's/nand images etc - so not totally in the dark with some terminology. I do not need spoon feeding but some pointers or maybe even links to pages that might help me would be really appreciated

Thanks in advance, appreciate any help. In the meantime I will keep searching I have just noticed a 'hacking' thread which might help.

I have all serials/build numbers etc as well.
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