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Well, mono replied perfectly in my place!

In any case, I wish to clarify some points: on my M92 I have inserted an SD card. When I connect it to the pc, I see it exports two devices: the internal memory and the SD card. I mount them on two different dirs (my pc runs linux).
The internal memory is, in total, 3.46 GB.

When I perform "ls -la" in a directory with files that I opened on the reader, there is not a .boox directory: I can find only a .onyx directory, which contains only a .thumbs.db file.

In any case, I tried to delete it, as you suggested: no chance. When I go back to the reader it recreates a new one but the problem (i.e., I can't open my file) is still there.

I can add one more thing: the tree in my sd card is a copy of my tree on the pc. I inserted a different sd card and I copied the original tree on the new sd card.
Result: bookmarks of various files are still there, the corrupted file is still corrupted (even if this is the original file, which never went to the sd card).

Conclusion (at least, the only one I can deduce...): the reader stores bookmarks and other information somewhere in its internal memory which is not accessible "normally" when you mount on the pc the exported partitions. Moreover, they are saved under a label which is the exact /path/to/the/filename of the file opened.
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