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i cannot really explain it, but when the prize is 10 or 20 bucks lower i would buy immediate. it is some psy restriction, but, sorry, i really no real psycho, i hope and think. feel other exper the same thing. like pocketbook, always bein about some prize, sudden it dropped about 10 and i was allowed to buy.

i do not really think i don't appreciate work or that i am sort of envy.

sure selling accessoires at seperate woul be a possible choice of selling device cheaper. one could make complete offer with all the stuff, one without it, for variaty purpose, i for my care have acover already where i could put the onyx in.

sales is an important point, there must be a reason why the technical gees in the world are not at same the richest and leaders. more a sad thing in my eyes.

and some marketing is not bad, seldom was recommended in forums i was. not much talking about onyx boox m92, despite many were asking for a big reader for stupid big pdfs.

now come me, and i will tell, but, when the many others won't that were before me, then newcomer to the reader world don't have it too easy.

i was searching, and the search was not too easy, for the fact that the reader is that good. i would say that it is really to sell.

and that mr. booxstore from ebookreaderstore made this possible too with his firmware is too not the most communicated thing.

and why shouldn't booxstore be allowed to let the software to be bought from other companys if they want to use it. i would do that if possible.

i would not change the domain name, but one could tell a little on the website how it is, what's the deal about the shop and it's support, like new customers not really know what, why and how. like the advantages with the warranty, the firmware support, for example

why must i as poor customer search a year in a forum for getting such information. sure one should not sound to boastfully, but if it is information and it is correct, then it is a reason, and if one wants to sell and make monnnnnnnnney$$$$$$$$

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