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Good evening to anybody.

This is my first post and first thing is sorry to have discovered this forum after having bought an M92 on ebay, otherwise I would have taken it from Booxstor.

Coming to you, well, there are various sides of the story. If Onyx devices are well supported, they sell more and you will sell more too.

Another factor is that if YOU develop the system you sell less (let's say like this) and people who only sell make more money, having lower prices (because they only sell).

A third thing to consider is that, IMHO, a good portion of the users are like me, the search for updates AFTER they have the device.

A 4th thing is that your work produces free updates and open developments that are good for the device because they maintain the community alive. A condensation core is always necessary.

So the dilemma is basically how to keep the good developments for all the users while not crashing on your business.

This is basically impossible since there are 24 hours in a day.

A solution could be somebody else to help you for free on whatever sides of your business: development or selling to let you develop. Dunno if this is viable.

Another solution could be you setup a quick blog for the updates and so on (to be linked or repeated here as usual) on which you ask for (small) donations. And also advertisement banners maybe. As far as I know users and visitors will be happy to contribute.

However, Thank you.

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