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M92: problem in opening a file

Hi all,

I am having a strange problem.

I opened a file (a djvu): no problem.
Then I pressed the joystick and I confirmed (OK) without inserting a page number: it went to an empty page.
Then I exited from the file.

Now I am not able to open the file again!!!!

Every time I select it and I confirm, it tries to open the file but it doesn't succeed.
If I copy the file to another directory, or even if I simply rename it, then I am able to open it again.

What can I do to be able to open again the original file? I have no idea.

PS: if I rename the file or copy it somewhere else, when I open it my bookmarks are gone. This makes me guess that the reader stores bookmarks, current page and viewing properties somewhere under a label given by the exact pathname of the file. The question is: WHERE?

I also guess that I could solve my problem if I could say the reader: "open that file directly at page x", but I didn't find any such option.

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