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Booklover6, before you put the Paperwhite in the brown case, make sure that with a knife or something sharp you level out the internal bezel of both the top left corner and the bottom left corner of the brown case. Also try to file it with some nail filer or better some sand-paper so that no sharp edges damage the kindle. You will thank me for this. If you insert the Paperwhite without leveling out the internal small bezels of the top left corner and the bottom left corner, you will not get it out without huge pains, which may break the 2 corners and possibly damage the kindle. When you level out the internal bezels, the kindle won't fall out. It will still hold very firmly, but will allow you to get it out easily after you push back these corners one at a time.

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I have it in the blue now, since I took the pics. I'll probably change it out whenever the urge strikes.
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