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My batteries seem to be doing about the same as the rest of you, but I do have a spare PE for the eventual demise of one of our regularly used PEs. I'd say that mine which is heavily used is charged about every day and a half if I let it run down to the orange. I'm still not comfortable with the charge every day at any battery level theory, unless someone can definitely prove that we aren't facing a limited number of charge cycles on these batteries. I tried again to find the thread on charging the battery, but couldn't find it by searching. It would be nice if we could save favorite threads... My wife's PE, which has a little more E-ink use and a little less LCD use, seems to go about two full days before needing a charge...

My EE is still sitting in the US waiting for me to collect it this summer...

It would be comforting to find a battery source though...

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