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New to Kobo, Need help with some stuf.

First, let me thank You for taking the time to read my post, I really appreciate it!

About a week ago I bought a kobo Mini, and have decided to hack it.
I decided a nice place to start would be trying the weather display thing.
I've spent quite a few hours reading through this forum, and have a few questions:

First Question: From what I have read, when a Kobo finds a archive named KoboRoot.tgz in its .kobo directory it will extract the contents to it's root, adding new files and replacing old ones, Am I correct?

2nd Question: I have been reading this guide, and have gotten confused at some parts.
Most tutorials say that You have to factory reset your kobo to start hacking, is this necessary for any other reason then to get the default KoboRoot.tgz file?

Question 3: The tutorial I mentioned says to add the code
/mnt/onboard/ &
to the file /etc/init.d/rcS "BEFORE the call to nickel". I'm not very good with Linux, and have no idea where the "Call to nickel" is.
I'm guessing that nickel would start after everything else is done,
so I guess that
/usr/local/Kobo/nickel -qws &
(Near the end of the file) would be it, but I don't want to unnecessarily brick my device because of it. Could someone please help?
(I was thinking of putting the line right under the hashbang, but I'm not certain if any directories need to be mounted or whatnot; I also thought of putting the line above the first time nickel was mentioned, would that be safe, or still with the directories?)

Q4: After editing the file rcS, the tutorial says to run the command
tar czf KoboRoot.tgz etc/init.d/rcS
This leaves me with a KoboRoot.tgz with nothing in it but etc/init.d/rcS, and all the other files are missing. Do I need all the other files in KoboRoot.tgz, or do I update everything BEFORE editing rcS?
(Is Updating before hacking even necessary if I'm running the latest firmware?

Again, Thank you for taking the time to read through this, I'm truly greatfull!
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