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Originally Posted by crazyfrank View Post
hi to board and cant find the answer to the following question.
ill use 50,000 books as a example.
is the any + or - to having 1 large library of 50,000 books or 10 libraries of 5000 books sorted by format??
thx for your help. love calibre.
I have a dual processor, dual core each and 16GB of RAM.

My collection has rised to 70.000 books.

Calibre is a bit slow in this situation. Searching takes long time. But you will find it really slow when you modify fields like name or author. You could wait up to 10 second before the fields become editable after you click on it.

Personally I suggest to split the library by big topics: "Fiction", "Religion/history/arts", "Programming/Informatics", science "Mathematics/Phisics".

This would led to smaller and more manegeable libraries.

Also don't forget the "corruption factor". If the application crashes while modifying the library, a power loss happen, or if a phisical hard drive sectors failure accurs and the library is damaged as result you should rebuild the calibre library. It has happened to me and it took over 24 hours to rebuild it.

All I have written comes from real usage scenario and experience.

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