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gris began at the beginning.
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I already found various anwers to some questions. various is maybe too much. but they are different too. maybe clarifying from someone who was reading following more and can summ up, less work for me and others. that was my point.

wow booxstor is official onyx firmware!, hey that guy is someone!
can't believe. so close already with those onyx guys?

is he supporting other onyx device firmware too? they do have other interesting readers too. and I read onyx is not the most firmware supporting updating company. the problem is, it is not always the hardware but the software that limits the possibilitys.

thank you mono by the way..!

i know, but it is somehow psychological, i don need or want a cover that would be about 40euro, or a charger about 20, maybe some day later.. but most case don really need. i go and buy some cheap but quality sleeve, alreay avail for tab for ex.

at all, i was always the mind that thinks, better selling more of a good product and make the money with the quantity sold, than selling less and make the same money with the higher prize.

ok 2 year warranty and so on.. but it is a lot for a f* reader. and really i don need a two year warranty. if it survives the first year, it will the second too. those who wan that could add at additional prize

i think many feel this way, and so just sad, that a good device will be sold less. and those f* tablets all the way over.

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