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Originally Posted by JSWolf View Post
But he's not using them for an incorrect understanding of how they work. Instead of getting things all wrong, it would have been better to help by explaining what widows and orphans actually are.
I know what windows and orphans are Back in the days when I used LaTeX quite extensively, I ventured into the type setting field which was quite interesting.

Originally Posted by JSWolf View Post
Widows and orphans have nothing to do with paragraph spacing.

You do end up with a ragged end of page. I prefer to have the end of most pages end at the same place regardless of how a paragraph is split. ADE defaults to a widow and orphan values of two.
I disagree, and so does LaTeX for example. Both, Nook and LaTeX seem to aim at preventing ragged page ends by (subtly) increasing the spacing between paragraphs or other objects on your page in order to avoid widows and orphans. But that, sometimes, was too aggressive and I ended up with gaps in the text flow that I thought disrupting.

It doesn't really matter to me on an eReader device, to be honest. This should be a user setting, not an eBook setting. It does matter for printed books though, but that's not what I'm doing here anyway
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