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Originally Posted by Lynx-lynx View Post
Evernote is cloud based personalised database program that is free or paid.

I use the free version and as far as I know that's the same as the paid version with the exception of sharing with greater than a certain number of people. So, if you want to multi share your stuff, say like a workplace etc then the paid version is the appropriate version.

It really is an excellent program for my needs, and it sits on all my devices: PC, laptop, tablet and phone.

ADE is the Adobe Digital Editions program that you probably have on your PC. Remember your ebooks are probably DRM restricted, and that's Adobe.

So, Sony built ADE into the T1 and T2 meaning that it saves you having to download a book to desktop first and then transferring to the device, instead you can buy ebooks and download using wifi on the T2 itself. (Well, that's my understanding, I don't have a T1 or T2)
Thanks a lot for the clarifications !

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