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Brand new - Have a few questions. :)


I have a lot of Amazon eBooks that I've accumulated over the last few months/years. They all work fine but it pisses me off that the Amazon app has no way of organizing their books into categories. I want an easy way to view kid's books separate from cookbooks, etc.

Some Google searching pointed me to Calibre as a way to unDRM the books. Calibre also sorts genres/categories so this great.

Then I needed a way to get the books onto my phone and tablet which led me to the Companion App.

So, here's a few questions.

1) Once I get the files into Calibre and set to the proper genre/category I want, I then need to get them to my phone. Is the genre info tagged to each file so when I open them up in a reader they will show? I normally use Aldiko and have no idea if that supports it or not.

2) Once the files are on the phone, do I have to manually import them into Aldiko (or some other program)?

3) Can I connect multiple devices up to the same Calibre program on my PC? (my phone, wife's phone, tablet, etc).

4) Once the files are in Calibre, can I move them to another PC with Calibre on them? (e.g. work PC to home PC) just by copying the files manually?

5) Anything else I should know before I try to make this work?

Sorry if that was jumbled but I'm trying to think of questions before I actually get to them.
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