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Originally Posted by nohmi2 View Post
I think that I got the MobiDeDrm from Mobileread.
Put it in C:\Python\Tools\Scripts Folder and also in PATH.
Command Prompt does not recognize it, when I try to conver my PC ID.
There be gremlins here!!

Try this:
Put the scripts in c:\python. Forget the subfolders.
Call up the command prompt and put in cd c:\python and hit the enter key. Run mobidedrm or which ever version of mobidedrm you have.
You are running python 2.5*, aren't you??
What do you mean when you say "try to conver my PC ID"? Are you trying to get your computer PID? Run Mobipocket Reader--just about any version--and it will give it to you. Best if you can get 6.0 if you are running XP, but 6.2, the most current, will work fine. Free Download.

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