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Originally Posted by BobR
Doesn't O'Reilly also offer some of it's books online anyway? I think this might not (I hope) damage the effort vs Authors Guild because as much as I like ebooks, if it's a manual or reference book or tech book I really like having a paper copy in my hands. I think a lot of people feel that way.

Yes, it's called the Safari Bookshelf. I agree with you that the majority of people who rely on these books for reference will purchase paper copies. *However*, based on the newsfeeds, PubSub searches, and other searches that I subscribe to in order to track the popularity of ebooks, I have observed a large number of social bookmarks and links to electronic copies of pirated O'Reilly books. This anecdotal evidence leads me to believe that they are among the most pirated series of technical books. Due to the widespread availability of complete pirated copies in electronic form, I don't think this hack is as much of a problems but it still raises concerns for publishers and authors.
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