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Originally Posted by carpetmojo View Post
Another major diff is it's nothing like the 650 ......

Nor was the T1 ..........

Both : WiFi, browser,plastic, lighter, nowhere for a stylus, better for screen adjust, T1 shiny, T2 matt ............... lots more .

I'm just breaking in a T2, looks and feels better than T1, especially the controls "feel" .......

However, if you love your old 'un, it is still just about possible to get new 6/350's , but they're scarce - and be careful, if you must have a box-new one, as there are a lot of refurb's about, many of which I'm sure are fine, but often say something like "seller refurbished" which I'd steer of, frankly.
Your "national" Sony site/store may have factory refurb's for sale, possibly worth ringing/emailing p'raps.
Thanks !

Good idea to ask directly to Sony if they've got refurbihed 650 ! I'll try that too !

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