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Hi awp,

just found a new "problem"...
The handling of hyperlinks is wonderful in AWP - but there is no handling with mail-adresses at all by export to epub...
In the AWP the links and the "" are shown - but in the epub is only the href for the hyperlink, the mailadress is shown in blue/underlined - but with a klick on it no maileditor opens... and in the text is only the format from the link and the text as is:

<p class="p2"><span class="t1"></span></p>

can this be fixed?

An is there a possibillity to implement a "switch" for the "linear=" according to the following:

"Reading Systems must provide a means of rendering a Publication in the order defined by the spine, which includes: 1) recognizing the first primary (linear='yes') item in the spine as the beginning of the main reading order of the Publication..."

Some readers are "making fun" - escpecially, when the epub consists of more than one book and with the first opening they don't jump to the first cover...

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