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Originally Posted by drauger View Post
Cool. But there is one little problem. If you have automatic DHCP, you have to find your kindle's ip every time you connect it ti wifi. So, it would be much better to add to your something like this:

killall -stop cvm 2>/dev/null
eips -c
IP=`lipc-get-prop com.lab126.wifid 711 | grep IP | sed -e 's/.*: *//'`
eips 14 7 $IP
eips 10 20 "Press DOWN to exit"
waitforkey 108
eips ''
killall -cont cvm 2>/dev/null
Good idea, although not useful for me personally because
1) my ip address is static, at least until I get my university wifi access working
2) I can't get kite working, and launchpad doesn't work on the K4NT, so I have to ssh in to be able to start the script, which requires knowing the ip in the first place.
I'll add it to the instructable though, as it would probably be generally useful.

Originally Posted by drauger View Post
And you definitely don't need usbnet hack to have httpd and ssh over wifi.
Really? How do you do it otherwise?
I could build a busybox which includes httpd and inetd as described by twobob above, and that would give me httpd, but how would I ssh in without usbnetwork?

Originally Posted by twobob View Post
anything on /mnt/us is executable already
Thanks, removed.
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