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was an ok question

I don't own a paperwhite, but I think it should go by creating an "images" folder at the root (topmost) folder of the kindle. then in that, creating a new folder for each album, then putting the images in that album folder.

here is the discussion:

(also, Calibre is able to convert a zipped pack of image files into a mobi file)

for kindle 3 keyboard it is like this (the folder name is different here):

Here are detailed instructions -

1. Connect Kindle 3 via USB to your PC.
2. Go to the Kindle 3.
3. Create “pictures” folder on your Kindle 3′s main folder. That’s the folder that has Documents folder in it.
4. Now create sub-folders for your photo albums.
5. Put in images into these sub-folders. Here, you want Mangle to let you help you and just specify a name and for folder choose the main ‘Pictures’ folder. Mangle creates the sub-directory automatically – with the name you chose for your Manga book.
6. The images that you put into a sub-folder will become part of the photo album.
7. Unplug your Kindle 3 and go to the Home Page.
8. Press Alt-Z on home page to see photo albums among books. On Kindle 3 you don’t have to press Alt-Z.
9. When you select one of these photo albums, the experimental Image Viewer starts.

Once you’re in the Photo Album (Manga Book) there are some shortcuts. Please note that pressing Aa brings up a menu and the size setting in that Menu tends to default to Actual Size = True. You have to change it to Actual Size = No to be able to zoom. The shortcuts -

1. Zoom In on the Picture – Q key.
2. Zoom Out – W key.
3. Reset Zoom Level for the Image – E key.
4. Toggle Picture to Actual Size – C key.
5. Toggle Picture to Full Screen Mode – F key.
6. Pan Photo if its larger than the Kindle 2′s screen – With 5-way controller.
7. Rotate the Image – R key.


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