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I'm still using the same original firmware my Boox M92 came with when I got it a year ago from Booxtor's webshop, right after it had just come out.

Looking at some of the posts on this thread, I have my doubts about upgrading it with any of the new firmware. So many whistles and bells it seems. And with that so many more things to handle and choose from. And problems too it looks like...

I'm sure for many of us there are things they like with the upgrades, so for them it's handy.

All I want is to be able read PDFs and E-Books on it which I've been doing very nicely since I got it (with a little help from Calibre and Apprentice Alf's). So I'm thinking of just skipping the available firmware upgrades. Looks like for my simple use I don't need them.

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