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We didn't purchase a piece of plastic.
We purchased a device with a "firmware" which is something which can, and is expected to, be updated. What is read on this forum and others is customer feedback, whether positive or negative. Developers need this feedback to improve their devices' software through firmware updates and they can also enjoy the gratification of reading how their devices are appreciated. When customers mention aspects of their device that don't live up to their expectations, they are not complaining or "moaning", they are expressing their interest in the advancement of that device which is something, I am sure, the developers encourage.
It is the customers' way of "helping".
Now, if some comments tend to come up more often than others, it probably just means that they concern something more essential to a majority of customers. That's all.

People who are irritated by that, and I am sure this doesn't include the developers, can abstain from reading these forums rather than try to initiate some sterile debate about something which is inherent to the communication between customer and developer for the better advancement of a product.

And there is nothing wrong with being disappointed by a firmware which hardly changes anything. I am sure Onyx knows what they are doing (or not doing) and are able to read the constructive criticism behind that comment.

Way to go, customers !
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