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Originally Posted by TechniSol View Post

While your comments were obviously of the personal attack variety I'm not rising to the bait... I've expressed my opine with sufficient lucidity to anyone not wrapped up in the sacred cult of the Fanboi, or employed by the company in question, and I imagine those experiencing those "In your humble opinion, minor" bugs have a slightly different opinion than your own. Especially, when some of us have spent the better parts of a day restoring firmware, updating, downloading books yet again, etc. just so we can get a device working again. This is unacceptable behavior in anything above Chinese knockoff status.

It's OK to have a few bugs in firmware and expect people to upgrade to get them fixed, it's a bit less acceptable to be forcibly upgraded, find even more egregious bugs and need to downgrade to be able to stand using the device. Repeating this cycle multiple times with new firmwares is more than sloppy and will not "make friends and influence people." Go ahead and defend that sort of BS.

Frankly, I think this forum should be more concerned with truth than issues like negativity and positivity. I'd rather be Diogenes dragging that damned lantern around than find myself wearing a corporately designed and tailored sheep's costume whilst waiting for the fellow in the Wile Coyote outfit to take another pass at fleecing me. At least when being honest you can live with yourself.
Again, I'm going to disagree with you. You may feel just as free to disagree with me. My opinion is that you are separate from your posting style. If you are taking this as an attack on your personally, that is not my intent. Though comparing yourself to Diogenes? Given the number of Diogenes, it would appear you are comparing yourself to Diogenes of Sinope. Founder of the Cynic philosophy? As a cynic, you seem slightly out of place looking for perfect software. Practice your indifference, grasshopper.

As for your comment about reloading, etc. Been there, done that. Probably more than the average user given the unsupported firmware, plug-ins, etc. that I have installed at one time or another. I am not that surprised when things go wrong while the envelope is being pushed. One reason that I keep my sideloaded books on a SD card is to speed up the reload cycles by not having to re-index until and if I feel some stability has been reached.

Chinese knock-offs? I've had quite a few issues with European, Japanese and North American built crap over the years. Perhaps you are not old enough to remember when "Made in Japan" was another way of saying "a crappy imitation"? Terry Pratchett possibly said it best in his comments about the Wasabi automobile in Good Omens.

I am not defending Kobo's corporate policies or their software quality assurance -- such as it is. What I am somewhat upset at is the personal animus directed at their employees who volunteer their time on MobileRead. Often from people who do not appear to take understand that a bug has to be reproducible to be fixable. Take the time and effort to do this and it makes it a lot easier to fix the bug. But that is not as easy as kvetching.

Compare two posters:

The first posts that his Kobo had issues with a particular book. Which book? Where did he obtain it? Was it from the Kobo store as a .kepub or an Adobe DRMed .epub? A DRMed .epub from another source? An open .epub from Gutenberg or equivalent? If it was an .epub, did he try using an epub validation tool to see if it is a valid epub? Fine example in one book I looked at where 75% of the text was not within valid tags -- made for a very interesting page view in Firefox and Chrome. Another book where it looked as if the "publisher" had exported a file from MS Word as html (not even filtered html) and then wrapped it in a .zip file without adding a valid toc.ncx or content.opf file though they did include the mimetype file.

The second who gave the conditions under which the iOS app glitched so Sharkus was able to reproduce the bug and pass it on to be fixed.

As for my humble opinions, they're my opinions and not something that was handed down on stone tablets on a mountain top. You can feel free not to agree with them. You can feel free not to read any of my future posts. If you feel you must read them, feel free not to comment on them. Yeah, it is hard to get through those narrow doors lugging my ego around.

As for "minor bugs"? For the most part, I consider bugs to be minor if they do not interfere with my ability to read a book. The cover display bug? Annoying but not a show stopper -- I often read books in one sitting. Avenir font displaying italics as bold? Annoying but hardly a show stopper. The inability of Kobo's ereaders to connect to 5GHz wireless access points? Again, annoying but hardly a show stopper. The inability of my Glo to connect to a deskstop using a USB connection? Well, a show stopper for that machine but connected happily on my laptop and other computers. That one was traced to an issue with an AMD motherboard with a non-AMD usb filter driver installed. The inability to read a book with an apostrophe in the name? A showstopper until I tracked the problem down. Being told that I needed a 18,000+ character password to log into a network? That was a showstopper

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