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Free Bible/Resources App

Olive Tree is a free app for Nook and possibly other platforms, but there is a catch.

If you get the app from Barnes and Noble, it is $9.99. But if you get the free KJV Olive Tree app, you can order the free Bibles within the app and it will automatically upgrade to the $9.99 app for free (at least that's what it did for me and for my friends Nook Tablets). From there there are numerous versions of the Bible, Concordances, Commentaries, Sermons, Biographies and other resources that are free.

You save $10+ (with tax) and get the same apps within the Olive Tree program.

There are a lot of free resources should you take you time and look around, ranging from Creationism (not my cup of tea) to Biographies on St. Augustine and Martin Luther.

Check for it at the B&N app store and get the free KJV app from Olive Tree to start.

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