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huge pdf files on iliad

I'm new to the e-reader world so I have a few questions. I'm thinking of buying the irex iliad, but of course the price is the problem.
Since the majority of the books I would be reading is in the pdf format, the only real option is the iliad? Or am I wrong?
These pdf books are often very big, more than 100 Mb, even 400 Mb occasionally. Is there any chance that these books would function on the Iliad? They also have a lot of tables, pictures, diagrammes etc.. Is there any known "size" limit to a file that the iliad can still open?
Can you "go to page 124" for example in irex iliad? does it remember where you stopped reading?
As I understand the only difference between the Iliad Book Edition and the the Iliad 2nd Edition is the WiFi connectivity. Are there ANY other differences? IIs WiFi at all useful or just comes in handy from time to time?
Does the Book Edition have longer battery life than the "WiFi" edition?
Does an e-reader with an e-ink display consume battery only when turning a page or even when just displaying a page? Because I read somewhere that there is no energy consumption when the page is displayed so I don't understand why that isn't the case with the iliad ...

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